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Week 17, For the Love of Bread and Chocolate

Week 17, Misc Items I went to the store an additional 2nd and 3rd time. 2nd Trip – Craving2qty Lindt truffles .78Tiger’s milk bar .79Subtotal 1.57Tax .09Total 1.66 I am not a fan of protein bars for meal replacement. When I was in jr high and high school I ate a lot of Tiger’s milk… Continue reading Week 17, For the Love of Bread and Chocolate

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Chocolate Orange Decadence

I was really in the mood for pudding. And let me tell you something its a whole helluva lot easier, more economical and DECADENT┬áto make your own. Please, do yourself a favor and never buy pudding mixes in those little boxes. It’s one of the easiest things in the world to make from scratch. Here’s… Continue reading Chocolate Orange Decadence