$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 15

Week 154/19/12 Lettuce, red leaf 1.19Apples, golden 1.91Potatoes 1.95Walnuts, bulk 1.80Ground beef 3.07Oats, quick, bulk 1.42Milk 1.99Bananas 1.36Sweetened Cond Milk 1.99Cottage Cheese 1.49Raisin bran, store brand 3.59Angel hair pasta .98Half and half 1.29Sugar 1lb 1.39Peanut butter 2.89Tomatoes 1.21Tomatoes, canned .79Pearl barley 1.19Total 31.50 Wow, week 15 already! This budget has become second nature to me.… Continue reading Week 15