$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 9

Week 903/18/2012Cumin 1.99Tomatoes 1.21Green leaf lettuce 1.49Almonds, diced 2.99Cottage cheese 1.49Vanilla ice cream 4.49Salsa 2.50Maraschino cherries 1.49Green cabbage .88Grocery 1.89 (??)Oranges 1.22Bananas 1.02Sweet potatoes 1.79Half and half 2.39Onions 2.37Neuchatel cream cheese 1.69Raisins 1.10Ginger root .15Butter 3.99Flour 2.29Brown sugar 2.29Sugar, 5lb. 3.99Cheese 2.99Stew meat 4.00Ground beef 3.63Total 55.33 Overbudget? Not exactly, in the long run I… Continue reading Week 9