A Bakers’ Dog

One day after bringing in the groceries and putting them on the floor in the kitchen. After putting everything away I remembered I’d bought a baguette. Looking around I happened to look down the hallway to see part of it sticking out from under my bed. Duke, that little character, had stole my baguette!

There were packages of meat and cheese in the bags, but my dog stole the baguette! Seriously, now, you might think that my dog was a French poodle, but, he’s a rat terrier. The dog loves bread. He will fight the cat if she comes anywhere near me when he thinks he might get a piece of a baguette, growling at her, quite literally cussing her out. And my poor little cat, she will walk backwards to get away from that situation, not understanding the bread thing at all.

Paws OFF the table!


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