Puy lentils

Lentils & Brown Rice

This is not a nutritional value kind of blog but I have just made one of my more nutritious meals of lentils and brown rice. Since I was a child I have known that this combination of grain and legume is the ‘perfect protein’. I know that I like it very much and when I am on a budget and sometimes not, I make it for a hearty meal. It’s one of my favorite things to take to work for lunch as it is very filling.

Here’s how I make it:
I heat up the saucepan with a little oil and add the rice to toast it for just a few minutes to get it dark.
Then I add the water or stock and the lentils (make sure to rinse and pick out any stones). At this point I add 1 small onion, 2 garlic cloves, a carrot and a zucchini – all diced. If I don’t add stock, I usually add a bullion cube. I let this all stew nicely for about 40 minutes. Adding the salt and pepper to taste after the vegetables are tender. I do not like mine too soupy – but it will continue to absorb the broth so make sure you have added plenty of water. Sometimes I put a bit of grated cheese on top; it’s good either way. I have at different times added a can of diced tomatoes and this is delicious, also. Healthy eating is so friggin easy.

I had only used the plain brown lentils found at most markets but  recently I found the French lentils or Puy lentils which I now love. I love legumes and grains and there are so many out there, not just the ones in the markets, try googling ‘heirloom beans and grains’. I am just amazed at what is out there and some farmers are starting to bring things back to life that consumers would not buy like black garbanzo beans and purple barley. I am so excited about this, I can’t wait to try them and have them in my pantry.
New Staples!! I am such a cheap date…


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