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Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport

In the ways of cooking and making our way around a kitchen, this recession has been good for us. Maybe home cooking was something we needed to bring back into our lives. The recession has brought back home cooking! At a time like this, it’s fantastic that we have the Food Network and Cooking Channel, to teach us just how easy working in the kitchen can be; using real ingredients and techniques that are usually much less daunting than home cooks realize until they actually see someone else do it. This is a wonderful thing for the state of our economy at the moment. At the same time, keep in mind that cooking is not a spectator sport:. We need to get in our kitchens and with real, whole ingredients, using our best tools, our bare hands to create meals. Watching someone cook in their kitchen is inspiring and uplifting when we see how easy it is to make something…hopefully it inspires us all into action.


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