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Green Thumb?

I see the seed catalogs coming out. Beautiful pictures and inspiring ideas to make a kitchen garden. Every year in some way or another I make an attempt. Last year I planted some tomatoes and a few herbs. I was able to use the herbs but a sudden frost killed my tomatoes; I picked the green ones but it was too late.
I don’t have a green thumb. I try, and maybe some day I will be successful. My grandmother could grow anything as could her father. My mom and I had a garden once, it grew beyond our control, it seemed all we did was plant and water and it just grew, as did the weeds. It was fun, though, so I know I could be capable, if I really had to be. Having lived most of my life in a city, I have no intention of being a real ‘country-girl’. I just want to be a resourceful and thoughtful human being. But if the markets closed and I had to grow my garden to survive, I know I could do it…somehow, someway. And as soon as the ground thaws, I will give it a try again with just a few plants. Maybe I’ll try something I know grows well without human assistance, like zucchini…LOL.


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