Bitter · Salty · Sour · Sweet

Taste Style

Like the legend on a map, our palate has a taste map, Sweet, Salty, Bitter and Sour. The proper combination of the different tastes, done well, is what makes our mouths water. In addition to tasting the flavors, there is smell and texture. All of our senses must be fulfilled as part of the ritual. The gastric juices in our stomach must flow so that we may digest our food; they are supposed to flow and make us feel hungry. The smell is the first part of the process. Next is the aesthetic appeal of the food on the plate. A combination of the smell and the taste and texture of the food in our mouth complete the process, yet at the same time are just a part of the ritual. There is the sound of the utensils clinking and scraping the plate. Hearing the crunch or the slurp of the food we chew. Look. Smell. Listen…Feel…and…Taste. It’s all a part of the experience.


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