Safety First

Yesterday my son was in a construction accident; he was cutting tubing with a grinder and it caught, flew up and hit him in the face. He called me and very calmly said he didn’t have that good of a day, proceeding to tell me that he spent the day in the ER and had 42 stitches in his face. He was wearing safety goggles but not a full face mask; he was cut from his lip to his chin. I was glad I was sitting down when he called, knowing full well the sight of blood and gore causes my arms to tingle and a bag to go over my face. But he was calm as could be and today he had to start his new job for vessel assist in the Santa Monica Bay. He was on call, he told me, as of today, and wouldn’t you know it, he got called and last I heard he was in search of a boat to tow in. Tough, I know and I’m grateful he loves being on the water and enjoys what he does, even in pain…but for God’s sake, from now on please wear all of the protective safety gear…words to live by.


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