Angostura Bitters

A Bitters Moment

Whenever I see my bottle of Angostura bitters in my kitchen, I see home. I feel my grandmothers presence in my kitchen. To open the bottle and smell the aromatics, lifts me. There are many things in my home that make me feel home as I knew it growing up with her, but there is something about the senses being lifted that keeps me close to her.

I splash it in tonic water, milk or orange juice. I add it to anything with cinnamon or my stir fry’s, over fruit and cottage cheese. I love the stuff. I have to have my bitters moment of the day…

I could not go a day without seeing the bottle in my kitchen, next to my stove, a permanent fixture in true retro-classic style. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, Angostura rocks!!


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