Time for Reflection

Time for Reflection

It is  not possible to have a perfect life; but it is possible to have a life I love. For this way of thinking, I look at life this way: To be more than I was yesterday and less than I will be tomorrow. I love to cook, I love to eat and I love my kitchen. I am not fond of the word domestic. It creates in my mind a vision of duty. Real cooking to me is a process: make a mess, make a meal, eat, clean it up. Repeat. It’s a cycle, a living breathing cycle. A home is not a shrine or a gallery, it is where we as human beings are comforted, fed, bathed, warmed, cooled, guided, rested and rejuvenated. How we do these things lies our quality of life. Our kitchen deserves our respect, as does our home in the fact that it is a place and not a station.


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