Dog Food · Duke · Rachel Ray

Easy Dog Food

I love that Rachel Ray has dog treat recipes in her magazine. In my patisserie and baking book from culinary school, the author/chef has a recipe for dog treats in the very beginning of the book. I have been making my little dog, Duke’s, dog food for years, it’s super easy and I find he’s satisfied with less food. His habit is to sit by the stove when I’m making it, knowing good and well what’s cooking.

I have a very simple recipe that he loves.

1lb ground turkey
1 cup quick cooking oatmeal
1/2 cup barley

If I have any ends of bread or potatoes that have not been seasoned or rice, I will throw that in the skillet, as well.

Brown the meat in a skillet. Add the oatmeal and barley and cover with water. At this point the grains will absorb all of the water, and you will have to stir and add more water to cover again. When the barley is soft after about 30 minutes on low heat, it will be done. Cool and store in a container and refrigerate. Duke is about 18 pounds and this usually lasts him about 10 days. He knows where to wait…when it’s time to eat he will be sitting right at his bowl!!


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