Tito's Tacos

Tito’s Tacos

I grew up in L.A. in the W. Los Angeles, Santa Monica area living with my grandmother. I was a figure skater, when I first started skating, there was an ice rink in Santa Monica on 5th Street where Fred Segal’s is right now. When the rink closed – I was 15, I moved with a lot of other people to the Culver Ice Arena to train. It took about a year before I realized what Tito’s Tacos, in Culver City, was all about and then the recommendation came from a person I worked with at Pier 1 Imports in W.L.A. I had to try them. Once I tried them, I was completely hooked. I have been hooked for about 30 years now. The perfect location, right off Sepulveda, making an easy stop on my way home from the ice rink or work. Ahh, memories, after a day in the sun, carrying one of those brown boxes home with me with a bag of chips on top, always the end of a perfect day. Or, years later at work, when a co-worker offered to do a Tito’s run, that was a verrry good day.

There is no reason to deny here that I love food – all kinds. I stick to my ‘No Processed. No boxes. No bags,’ most of the time, and its the way to go, it’s a lot easier than people think. When I went to LA last November and got my things out of storage, the one thing at the end of that day that I wanted was Tito’s Tacos. I ate 4 of them, dripping with salsa and guacamole, and an abundance of chips, washed down with a cold beer. This is eating; finger licking, crunchy, lardy and full of fat and flavor. I’ve had other items on their menu, all beyond excellent. But it’s the taco with the crunch and the oozy meaty, cheesy goodness that has me just about dying for one today with a Corona and a lime…Happy Cinco de Mayo…


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