Angostura Bitters · tonic water

Angostura &…

There are so many refreshing non-alcoholic drinks that are wonderful with Angostura!

I don’t drink soda, but one of the most refreshing drinks that I like is Angostura Bitters and tonic water. Now that the tempurature has gone up, it’s wonderful; and on a hot summer day nothing could be better. Just pour tonic water in a glass and as many dashes of bitters to your liking – I like a lot!

Think SUMMER!!!
Lemonade with bitters…fresh grapefruit juice…any variety of fruit punch…smoothies – absolutely! Pineapple, banana, mango, berry; adding bitters gives a depth of flavor and uniqueness…shakes and ice cream…vanilla is my favorite with bitters, and it goes very well with chocolate…orange sherbet/vanilla with bitters added…pecan praline flavor is to die for…omg rum raisin ice cream mixed with bitters…

I cannot fully explain my love for bitters, I just do. In warmer weather I tend to go through more bottles…


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