Starting Out

Starting Out

It’s not rocket science cooking at home. It does take a while to adjust your taste buds to your own cooking when you have a taste for a fast quick burger or pizza on the way home from work.

In starting to cook meals at home, it’s wise to start cooking with just a few ingredients to create each dish. Dishes that you know you can make. Then begin to pan out by adding an additional item or a new flavor to create an adjustment or a totally different dish. This is cooking. Cooking is an experiment and a constant development. Taste as you go along and adjust to your liking.

Menu planning helps. Cooking one dish should make leftovers for 2 lunches and 1-2 dinners. This cuts cooking time as if you have a main dish to heat up, you may only have to make a side to go with it. Leftovers are a wonderful lunch to take to the office.

Make a start somehow, someway to cook from scratch with whole food ingredients for 5 days of meals out of the week. Then go to 6 days, then where you might go out once or twice a month


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