$30 A Week

$30 A Week & Eat Well

OK, I’m over it. The new trend is for politicians and/or journalists to ‘experiment’; to feel what it’s like to live on $30 on food for a week.
Are they creating hysteria?
Many people are living on $30 a week in food. It is not impossible to eat on less, as I’ve pointed out before on my blog, I have eaten on about $15 a week – for a month at a time –  along with what I already had and been perfectly healthy – and fed my son.
It seems to be the trend now to see how it ‘feels’, and be preoccupied with what one is going to eat next. Visions of chocolate ice cream and good coffee dancing in their heads.
It is nice that food insecurity is being sought out and Food Stamp Challenges are popping up. However, the real issue is what people are buying and taking home to cook. The operative word being COOK. Using forethought and taking time to cook with ingredients. Not buying prepackaged, processed microwavable so-called meals – that are more expensive in the long run and unhealthy. People need to cook, it’s as simple as that. When was the last time you went into someone’s home and there was soup simmering on the stove or bread baking in the oven? Long time ago? Holidays, maybe?
Let’s make a new challenge – not an ‘Oh my God, how will I survive on $30 a week’, but How Well Can I Eat on $30 A Week. The catch: Using only whole foods and cooking everything oneself.
Reality show? I bet it’d be great…tune in.


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