Cooking is a Priority

Cooking is a Priority

I’m having a hard time buying food, too. And I have to have my cell phone and internet access. Bills that I cannot do without. I have cut-out t.v. completely; I rent movies from the library and once in a while go to redbox.
Being self-reliant is something I have always aspired to, and I do well. However, I did not grow a garden this year. And I did not can anything. My pantry is full of dried beans, rice, pasta and grains. I know how to cook  and I plan ahead so I am very comfortable with this. I love the bulk section of my local market and spend most of my money there.
It’s time to realize if things have changed for you to just make the adjustment; learn something. Stop bitching and complaining and do something constructive to make the experience work well for you.

Prices cannot always stay the same. Finger pointing is not going to get anyone anywhere. We have to change and adjust for what’s best for us in our own world – in our own home.  Buying whole foods and cooking at home – yea, it sounds mediocre in the whole scope of what’s going on in the world, but the effect this will have on the world and in our own life – will be phenomenal.


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