Less is More

Less is More

There is something to be said about simplicity. I love simple. I love basic. I love good taste and I love style. With all of these things, it is what you don’t do that makes it stand out; it makes it what it is.
What you don’t do is as important as what you do. In cooking this would be to be able to taste the ingredient for what it is in its most perfect form, as it is. Not adding too many ingredients, letting it be.

Try just cooking a dish with a few ingredients so the flavor of each ingredient will stand out and simply be complemented by the others. We like to complicate things, but more is not better.

When my son was young and he was first learning to cook, he’d bring home a great fillet of fish and season the heck out of it. He soon learned how to season after a few overly spicy fish fillets went to waste. The taste of the food should be enhanced by the flavors you add, it should all go together nicely.
Taste as you cook, for seasoning and add…or not.


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