Art of being Thankful

The Art of Being Thankful

When I find a person gracious and thankful they seem to make up for all the ones that seemed blase and self-entitled, or just going though the motions. Most people do say thank-you but whether or not they truly mean it and whether or not I allow myself to accept their kind words after being completely judgemental for something about them, it’s up to me. Appearances, gestures, conversations all require a judgement.

What I have learned about being thankful is that I need to be appreciative first. Not wait for them to thank me first for coming into their store or paying for something. The relationship nicely comes together, not tripping over thank-you’s, it just feels nice. And instead of wallowing around in thank-you land it moves out and around, becoming thoughtful and interesting.

I always remember my grandmother, when she said thank-you to someone, she made a point of being charming and talking to the person. Instinctively, she could tell that a person put time and energy into something handcrafted; she could see quality a mile away. And this is what she wanted to give, you can give whatever you want materially, but always include a part of you – set yourself apart by giving of yourself with whatever you give. This is truly giving and the art of being thankful. What we are thankful for is what we give, also. And what we give of ourselves is what we allow ourselves to receive. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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