Christmas Theme

My Christmas Theme

When Ralphie’s teacher asked her class to a write a theme: What I Want For Christmas, Ralphie was beside himself to write about his Red Rider BB Gun. Oh, the hero he could be once he had it.
If only to be that age again, when something means so much to your being to have; to your identity as a kid.
My own childhood identity was star-crossed between Holly Hobbie and Nancy Drew. Holly Hobbie was the style of the 70’s, patchwork calico dresses with quaint expressions of love attached. Nancy Drew, I discovered in 2nd grade, the first long book that I ever read. I discovered at age eight that I could read a book in two days – over the weekend! I thought it was the greatest thing ever and zipped through them as fast as I could, loving a good mystery ever since.
If I were to write a theme now, What I Want For Christmas, I’m not sure what I’d really want. Having come a long way since Santa’s arrival could mysteriously bring me what I wanted. I’m not sure it would be something, anymore.

What I Want For Christmas
For Christmas I would want a meal, just like this.
My Grandmother’s Corn Custard
Jenny’s Broccoli Salad
Christopher’s Catch of the Day
April’s Veggie Pattie’s
Jeanine’s Pomegranate Martini
Some Mashed Potatoes for Posterity
Danelle’s Crunch & Crack
(I will post these recipes at some point…)
This is not the Ultimate Meal, to end all. It’s just good. It would be fun and I would love all the people involved (not to say that there aren’t many others, because there are). And it would just be nice.
For Dessert I would have some very strong Coffee and Cheesecake, simple and homemade by me.
I’m not sure how I’d be graded for my Theme. Ralphie got a C+ and he got what he really wanted. I may not get exactly what I want on Christmas and I’ll most definitely get plenty of wonderful meals throughout the year. If one of them could be this one, I’d be more than grateful.
Food brings memories and creates memories. For that magical moment when you’ve got exactly what you wanted – The True Gift for the giver and receiver – Cheers. All is right with the world.


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