My Little Book

My Little Book

If you look over to the right of this post, you will see my book. My little book, that I love so much.
No, its not a cookbook, and this is not a recipe site. It is more of a kitchen coaching book. It is meant to inspire you into action. Not only for the nutritious food, but for the soul nourishing qualities you gain from home cooking. I love this little book, I think a lot of people need its encouraging words and there is a certain urgency in reconnecting with our home kitchens. With so many people on the processed and fast food treadmills, this book hopes to help gain perspective and help people get out of the rut.
It’s a self-help book for people who want to turn their kitchens into warm nourishing places.
My hope is that it will be on bookshelves, with cookbooks, in peoples’ kitchens, and with its humble, motivating quality inspire people to not just cook a meal but connect themselves with it.
Happy Holidays!!!


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