New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s always a refreshing feeling to start the new year. I look forward to beginning a clean canvas. Although, I never really have any resolutions, I prefer to have goals throughout the year, I do try to   have something realistic for myself to strive for in the new year.
I’d like to continue to read more, about 30-60 minutes a day.
I’d like to build more of a following of readers for my blog.
Being realistic about goals helps to attain them. Having unrealistic goals does nothing but torment and frustrate you and create anxiety within. Do things you know are achievable for you and then branching out from there to more challenging goals. The trick is once you’ve achieved what you know you can achieve, to then make a challenging goal from that new perspective. Spot on, works every time. This creates a momentum and what I like to call the ‘atmosphere of success’ within you. Once in that position of feeling you can do something, you know you can do more.
So, when you create your New Year’s Resolution, be realistic with  yourself. Set an achievable goal, achieve it, then set another and go from there. To make a big announcement of ‘I’m going to do this or this’, often sets yourself up for…not much. Be realistic with yourself and be nice to yourself: do what you can and then do more and more and more. XO Happy New Year 2012 XO!!


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