Lentil Mania

Lentil Mania

Right after I wrote my post “Cooking for the Week” I read an article on the Huffington Post Food News:

It’s worth the read. I have loved lentils for years and have written about them several times. I kinda consider them my secret ally as they have kept me nourished when I couldn’t afford anything else, as they are very inexpensive.
They are full of protein, 30% of their calories are from protein.Also, packed with dietary fiber, folate and B1. Lentils when combined with a grain such as brown rice result in a complete protein. And, lentils are a good source of iron. Wow, try and top that nutritional punch!
Lentils, the plain old green ones, are at the top of my list of food items that I cannot be without. I actually feel a little edgy right now as I know there is only about half a cup left in my jar in the pantry. 😦


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