French Press Coffee · Press Pot Coffee

Press Pot Coffee

I sent my favorite French Press with my son, Chris, to college. I was very leery of letting it go – I’m a little attached. Although I have a drip coffee pot, it has been my ritual to use my press pot, almost all of the time. Both make very good coffee, and the press pot takes a little bit longer, making it more of a morning ritual, which I kinda like. The thing is my press pot is really cool. I got it at Target about 3years ago and had never seen one like it. And it was only $20. At the moment, it’s listed on the Bodum website for $29.95. The glass beaker is encased in a slightly insulated, hard plastic frame – making it safer, also.

Here is a perfect pot of coffee, made with a French press:
Use 1 tablespoon for each 8 oz. of coffee. I just use a regular drip grind but it can be any way you like it. The mesh on the plunger is very fine and will prevent even the finest grinds to come through to your cup.
Scoop coffee into the pot.
Boil water, and allow to sit for a few minutes, to cool a bit.
Pour water over the coffee.
Stir the coffee and water until it’s a nice brown, creamy froth. I use a chopstick and give it a few whirls around.
Do Not Plunge, yet. But put the top on to keep it warm.
Allow to steep for at least 4 minutes. You can steep for up to 10 for stronger coffee.
Plunge down evenly and slowly.
Enjoy a truly wonderful cup of coffee!!


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