Homestyle with an Edge

Homestyle with an Edge

In clothing style, if you have an edge it shows you’ve made your style your own; you’re independent and doing it your own way. Pairing something that makes you feel good with something you can’t live with out.
Inspired Home Cooking, is all about the food. I love home cooking and have watched and learned my whole life. I love retro, and I love classic simple food that fills me up. I love something to stand out – a special flavor. Put it all together and it’s amazing, aesthetically pleasing with flavors and textures.
For instance, it may be a simple meal and one thing will knock your socks off. It may be a simple meal with an amazingly decadent dessert.
Something fresh and new and different. If it is fresh it may just be that it’s so fresh it’s amazing.
We all have to eat and clothe ourselves, so we may as well have some fun and enjoy ourselves!


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