Bring Your Lunch From Home

Bring Your Lunch From Home

According to an article posted today on the Huffington Post, American spend $1,000 a year on coffee and $2,000 a year on lunch. Personally, I think buying lunch at work is a waste of money. I have expenses and a life, I don’t want to spend money unnecesarily on food; I want to be prepared. And because I absolutely know, at around 12 noon I am going to be very hungry, I pack a pretty good lunch for myself. Being prepared is the key.
I like hard boiled eggs, meat patties, veggies, salads, burritos of leftovers and just good old leftovers are a welcome part of my day at work. I have containers I use just for lunch, along with a few thermal lunch bags. I enjoy doing this, and every night I leave my bag on the counter ready for my lunch that is ready for me in the frig.
Bringing your lunch from home is a great habit to get into. It saves an enormous amount of money so the benefits are economical and healthy. Yes, it is very unhealthy to eat out so much. The idea of treating oneself because you had a bad morning is a very common splurge. Treats to keep up the morale in the afternoon, are often a run to the corner store or a trip to the vending machine. Hey, I’ve been there and I’ve worked in many offices with many co-workers. Work can be stressful and a bite to eat feels like a personal reward.
If you bring lunch, with an afternoon pick-me-up – like some fruit or a few homemade cookies – you’re set. I like a  cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, it’s refreshing and brings me back. Remember, you’re supposed to be hungry when you get home – for dinner.


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