$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 3

02/06/2012 WEEK 3
Still doing well!! Here’s this weeks list:

Tuna, canned in water     .99
Chocolate Chips (bulk) 2.11
Milk 1/2 gal                   1.29
Half & Half                   1.29
Tortillas (8)                   1.69
Tomatoes, diced canned 1.39
Eggs                              1.89
Lean ground beef          2.30
Snow Peas                     2.59
Potatoes                        1.12
Subtotal                      16.66
Tax                                1.14
Total                           17.80

I like going to this particular market because they have a mark down section, where my milk and half and half came from. Also, the snow peas were there, but I got over charged, they were marked at 1.29, so I’ll have to go back with my package and get credit. This market also has a great bulk section which has chocolate chips that are good quality, so I got a cup –  I have a sweet tooth.

This week I can make pasta, with meat sauce. I have eggs and potatoes. I have tuna. I have stuff for quesadillas (I have some cheese left). In my pantry I have some rice, lentils and beans for fill ins and additional ingredients. I have plenty of oatmeal and some bran muffins – I had to make a 2nd batch – 12 this time. I have some carrots, broccoli and peas, also.

I need to make a loaf of bread and I will be set for the week!


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