$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 10

Week 10

Chicken 4.75
Oranges 1.32
Pineapple, canned 1.49
Braunschweiger 2.49
Chipotle Sauce .99
Apple Juice, frozen 1.59
Orange Juice 1.89
Sweetened condensed milk 1.99
Green chili’s, canned .89
Raisin Bran 3.59
Milk 1.99
Total 22.98

Lots of stuff!
I stopped drinking juice, even though I water it down considerably – I got the juices for Chris, and I even water them down for him. Living in the high desert and keeping myself hydrated is really important, I have a tendency to not drink enough liquid in the winter. I used to get frozen juice and not measure the cans of water but just fill up the container and drink a few glasses of those everyday. I’ve switched to water for myself for the time being, lukewarm glasses of water in the winter to keep myself hydrated – but will drink up what’s leftover.

The Chipotle sauce is a real deal, in the ethnic foods aisle, it’s a bit strong on it’s own but mixed with sour cream or mayo, it adds flavor to tacos or a sandwich or egg salad. It’s just flavor, not heat…mmm love the stuff. Braunschweiger is an old-time favorite of mine. I have not bought it in decades, there is a local brand here that I got, but seriously, the ingredients are not much better than the national brand. Why do I love it so much? It’s great on toast or a toasted bagel. Delicious. No, it’s not great quality meat, it’s a once in a while thing. The chicken and green chili’s went into the white chili/tortilla soup which was awesome.


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