$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 12

Week 12

Flour, 10lbs. 4.99
Bananas 1.03
Carrots .42
Raisins 1.21
Milk 1.99
Total 9.64

Not much needed this week. I had stocked up over Spring Break when my son was here. Been cleaning out the frig and freezer this week. I had some leftover chicken soup along with some beef I had cooked in the crock pot. Tonight I made a loaf of Soda Bread – it’s the easiest bread and makes great sandwiches. Try it with some butter and a little yeast – it’s the same way I make popcorn – soooo dang good. Made some egg salad and will have that for lunch tomorrow. I had gone over budget – but I knew I’d have leftovers so I knew it wouldn’t be over my budget in the end. The raisins are for my oatmeal – creature of habit every day – for breakfast. Over the weekend I made banana bread with whole wheat flour and spelt flour and added chocolate to the mix – amazing! Little changes here and there can do wonders for keeping it interesting! Maybe tomorrow some lentil soup…with a curry twist, maybe?

My yard has been keeping me busy – oh, have I been raking up some leaves! Check out my Garden tab to see what I’ve been up to. Gardens are a lot of work, initially – I’m learning. Once everything is in place, I hope to reap the rewards. All of my seeds have been started in egg cartons sitting on my kitchen counter. Careful to keep the little plants protected from this unpredictable mountain spring weather. The wind has been blowing today and it looks like we may be getting a downpour any minute now! I can use the rest today…Phew.


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