$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 13

Week 13

Exactly one-quarter of the way through my project!

Canola oil 4.99
Red onions 1.95
English muffins 1.99
Brown rice 1.63
Yellow split peas .76
Oatmeal .50
Mint chocolate tea 2.79
Cheese 2.99
Oatmeal quick 1.03
Milk 1.99
Total 20.62

I don’t think I have ever eaten yellow split peas, and they caught my eye, so I have them simmering on the stove right now. I hope I’ll like them!
I’ve been really into my oatmeal thing – I mix the rolled oats with the quick oats and the oat bran, and it’s a really nice texture. I usually add raisins, sometimes cinnamon and walnuts – with very little sugar.
When I see English muffins on sale, sometimes, I like to get some – I love toasted English muffins.

I’m trying to think up my work lunches. I made some tortilla chips with a bunch of tortillas, which last a long time and make great chips. I’ve never taken chips to work with cheese and all the toppings for nachos, not sure if I want to do all of this. I have the soup on the stove…Maybe baked potatoes with some soup over the top. Also, I can do an English muffin with PB & J or Nutella. I have some meat frozen – some cooked shredded beef and chicken breasts. I have a couple of bananas; probably have to make a produce stop in a couple of days.

Mint tea is one of my favorite things, and chocolate, WOW – it’s great plain or with a little milk and sugar, I call it a Mint Tea Latte (I wrote about this in a post last summer) – great night-time treat. I think this one will be easy to make homemade with mint tea leaves and cocoa powder. Mint will be growing in my garden this summer! Mmmm, delicious, iced mint tea….and all the many different variations!


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