$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 17

Week 17

I couldn’t be more excited!

Sugar, 1lb 1.19
Chocolate chips, bulk 1.98
Yeast, 3pk 1.99
Flour, baker’s choice bulk 1.38
Flour, whole wheat pastry, bulk .90
Half and half 1.39
Oatmeal, bulk .75
Raisins 1.03
Ground beef 3.23
Total 13.84

See my previous post which is included in this weeks’ budget!

I love this week. I’m full of food – I have great fresh produce. I baked an awesome loaf of bread with this great bread flour, Baker’s Choice, a bread flour. Bread flour is a high gluten flour best for breads and pizza crusts, and laminated doughs like for croissant. This brand, Baker’s Choice made a high light bread with a light, delicate, crispy crust – I couldn’t get enough of it. I just used my basic recipe, for flour, I used 1 cup of Baker’s Choice and 2 cups whole wheat flour. I have this recipe posted on Recipes for my Son.

I, also, baked some peanut butter – oatmeal cookies. I got the recipe from my Cooking Matters book, and, although, I didn’t go by the full recipe; I added nuts and coconut – they are nice and crunchy, very little sugar – so I can have them for breakfast with some fruit. There is, also, a banana in the recipe, which I find is a great low-fat/calorie binder and makes a great cookie. I was worried the flavor of the overripe banana would over-power the other ingredients, but it didn’t. I think this cookie could actually be made with sweet potato or pumpkin – yummy alternative.

Prepping for the week, I’ll make some brown rice. Yesterday, I boiled potatoes – since I have an abundant supply, and made potato salad and left some plain to fry or toss in salad. I still have 6 eggs. I’ve got ground beef and beans and my freezer has several meals of chili, beans and soup.

Last week, I’d written about items I would buy more of if I could afford it; I wrote that I would buy more mango and avocado and lo and behold, I got them yesterday at the co-op.

This is life – buying and eating on $30 a week. What do you think? For me, personally, I find it works just fine; it’s efficient to buy on a budget; I cook a lot; I’m planning my meals; I’m enjoying my food and my meals. Just think these 3 things: Buy well, Plan well and Cook well. It’s simply a pattern with food and cooking and it just takes a little while to get used to. The rewards are there for everyone to benefit from!


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