$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 42

Week 42

I came home with 4 servings of a Clam/Salmon Chowder my son made.
Monday, I was given 3 pork tamales(fresh homemade) from the tamale guy who stops by to sell to our office.
Wednesday, I was given 1 bunch of celery (hello peanut butter!) and about a quart of milk, from Kat at the Hunger Coalition.

Thurs – Sunday was a trip to visit family – Chris. I started out with a bagel I had made at home with avocado and cream cheese. 1.00 toward last weeks spending. After that, I recorded everything and as usual stayed away from anything processed.

Week 42
Yogurt .79
Juice 1.99
Oats, quick, bulk .64
Oats, thick, bulk .57
Brussel sprouts 1.19
Cauliflower .67
Tax .40
Total 6.25

The yogurt and juice were to get this weary traveler through the day on Monday…so tired.
On Tuesday aka Election Day, I got a cookie next door.


Total for the week :

After the chowder and tamales were gone, I’ve been doing the baked potato thing for lunch. 1 small baked potato, sauteed onions chopped veggies topped with cheese – a great inexpensive lunch. I have plenty of ingredients at home – I made those black beans and I can make bread. A bean and cheese burrito is sounding pretty good, maybe I should pick up some tortillas tomorrow.

Also, need to update my spreadsheet…so many things to do!!
Have a great rest of the week!


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