$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 42, Extra Market Trips

Week 42
2 Extra Trips

I stopped at the market at lunch yesterday and on the way home.

Bagels, 6 2.89
Bananas, 4 .83
Tortillas, 10 2.69
Yogurt .99
Tax .44
Total 7.84

I had to stop at another market for dog food – hence, the third trip.

Pineapple 2.49
Cottage cheese 1.35
Chocolate chips 2.50
Mints .79
Tax .43
Total 7.56

This will add 15.40 to my budget for the week. But, I had not spent very much so my grand total for the week is actually 24.06.

Today has been sort of a lazy day – I wanted to catch up on sleep and get some r & r after the week. But, with the r & r there were some chores as well. I’m very sure you know what Saturdays are like if you work Monday through Friday. Sleep late, do this do that, kick back, do something else…ahhh the weekend! So, I’m going to go back to it. After I kick back for a bit.

~Julie 🙂


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