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20 Tools, gadgets and small appliances.

The more I cook, the less I feel the need to ‘get’ something to try and make it easier. By not
wishing for something to be less work and just doing it, often gets the task done sooner. Cooking
well does not take a lineup of things on the counter for every ingredient you use to make a meal. Keep your kitchen as simple as possible. Good knives, good pans and cutting boards are very important. Maybe you have certain items you use; coffee maker, toaster, blender, crock pot maybe even a waffle iron or a stand mixer. At some point, enough is enough. In small kitchens valuable space may be taken up by something you use once or twice a year. You have to ask yourself, Is it worth the space? Will I use it often? Do I really need it?

Good quality knives are a must to accomplish anything properly in the kitchen. Invest in a steel
to keep them sharp before each use. The sharper the knife, the safer the knife. Take care of them
and keep them in a safe place.

Cast iron is a great investment. It took me a while to convert from my non-stick pans but since I’ve
done it, there is no turning back. Once you realize how easy they are to use, you will love them. I
have a go-to skillet with a cover I use for everything from eggs to cornbread. I have grills I
use for pancakes and meats with a baster/steamer cover that works wonders for melting cheese and

Another time saving, healthy way to cook is using a pressure cooker. If you plan to really use one,
then it would be worth the investment as they can be pricey. They are made well now and do not
blow up as I had the scary pleasure of seeing as a child.

If you plan on canning, invest in a large pot with a rack for setting jars in a water bath. This is one of my favorite things and look forward to the project.

A small double boiler is a great idea, if you will be using it on a regular basis. This can also be
created from a small saucepan and a stainless steel or glass bowl; you will get the same result.

It’s safe to say the best tools in the kitchen are clean hands.


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