$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 38

Week 3810/7/12 Sweet potatoes 2.30Yellow bell pepper .45Potatoes 1.61Bananas 1.12Produce 1.31Avocados 2 for 3.00Oatmeal .46Red bell pepper 1.08Half and half 1.89Pasta penne 1.49Milk 1.99Flour tortillas 2.29Italian sausage 3.17Ground beef 3.63Diced tomatoes, cans (2) 1.98Tomato paste 1.39Garbanzo beans .89Butter 2.50 Total 32.55Coconut oil 4.77Grand Total 37.32 Also, I bought a jar of coconut oil which I… Continue reading Week 38