$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 38

Week 38

Sweet potatoes 2.30
Yellow bell pepper .45
Potatoes 1.61
Bananas 1.12
Produce 1.31
Avocados 2 for 3.00
Oatmeal .46
Red bell pepper 1.08
Half and half 1.89
Pasta penne 1.49
Milk 1.99
Flour tortillas 2.29
Italian sausage 3.17
Ground beef 3.63
Diced tomatoes, cans (2) 1.98
Tomato paste 1.39
Garbanzo beans .89
Butter 2.50

Total 32.55
Coconut oil 4.77
Grand Total 37.32

Also, I bought a jar of coconut oil which I split in half. Adding 4.77. This may seem like a lot, but half  of this jar I will use on toast and in oatmeal on sweet potatoes and a variety of other things  and it will last me a long time. About a quarter of the jar, I usually keep in the bathroom and use as a night moisturizer and absolutely love it. Recently, I started giving my dog about a teaspoon daily (the last quarter of the jar), which he gobbles up – it is supposed to be good for dogs with diabetes as it regulates and balances insulin levels. So this amount is a trial and if it seems to be a good thing for him I will buy him his own jar. Eventually, I will start using it more, this brand I just bought is Dr. Bronner’s and the taste is by far the most flavorful of all the ones I’ve tried – but for now I will use it sparingly.

You may have noticed I haven’t been going to the food co-op lately. I highly recommend it and will continue to go, but this time of year is fantastic for fresh produce, some local and some not – but it’s  nice to be able to choose the variety and how much, for now.

I picked the only zucchini – two extra large ones, and two spaghetti squash – two kind of small ones. I love zucchini and can be very creative and love every bite of whatever happens. I made a quesadilla with sauteed zucchini and garlic, with the remainder going into a pot of pasta sauce. So, my garden was not a big success nor was it a complete flop – it was so-so and I learned a lot. Nothing to freeze or can, I enjoyed every bite, though not a whole lot. Every year I will learn more and become more successful, with hopes of, eventually, filling up my freezer.



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