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Food from Home

It’s a lazy Saturday. It snowed this morning and I got up way too early.
And as far as food goes, so far, I have eaten typically what I normally eat:
Coffee, plenty
Oatmeal, steel cut, with Lyles golden syrup(I love this stuff)

My favorite salad, exactly the same as last night, except huge.

Dinner is in the oven:
Teriyaki pork loin
and I am really in the mood for mashed potatoes and either spinach or corn.

I am trying to decide how far to go with this: do I omit everything that is pre-mixed, as in brownie mixes? You do actually have to prepare a mix. I would prefer to make them from scratch but have to make sure I have a well-stocked pantry, and at the moment I don’t. It will be a little bit gradual so long as the food comes from home.
This is only the second day, when I am more sure, I will start to let people know what I’m up to.

Inspired by Nature:
Dinner, It’s cold, windy and rainy/snowy. Hot comfort food is what I need.
(Breakfast and lunch were force of habit)


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