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Infuse home cooking in your life.

The longer you steep something, the stronger it will be. Translation: the more you have home cooking in your life, the stronger the priority it will become. There are certain things, that if we want real quality from them we must give them priority—put them up on the top of the list in our life.… Continue reading Infuse home cooking in your life.

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9 Stock your pantry.

A well-stocked pantry creates self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The ability to create simple ingredient meals made with what you have on hand all the time is a very good feeling. Making simple ingredient meals creates a feeling of resourcefulness. Basic pantry cooking should not be boring and it should be comforting. There should always be enough… Continue reading 9 Stock your pantry.

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4 Create an idea book.

Compile a book of your own that contains ideas, recipes and pictures. A simple binder filled with plastic-insert pages. Get a set of tabbed plastic pages to organize your book alphabetically. It’s great to have this for easy reference and you can cut out recipes and pictures from magazines to insert into the pages. Post… Continue reading 4 Create an idea book.

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3 Create meaningful holidays

The holidays are an overwhelming time whether we have a tight budget or have enough to freely spend on others. Pressure, tension and frenzy all lead to exhaustion and eventually a burst if emotion. Overspending and acquiring debt that created excess material stuff in our homes that will soon be forgotten. Instead of all the… Continue reading 3 Create meaningful holidays

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2 Show some love.

A messy kitchen is a working kitchen and there is nothing as lovely to see as that, or as daunting. But we must have a clean, sanitary kitchen free of bacteria and healthy. Once a month I like to do a deep cleaning; taking apart the stove and cleaning the oven, going through the refrigerator.… Continue reading 2 Show some love.

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Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport

So, how’s your relationship with your kitchen coming along? Simple enough question, right? Do you enjoy cooking or do you expect your appliances and gadgets to do all the work for you? Just asking. Just curious. But, really, do you cook in your kitchen or just reheat, use your dishes and fill the dishwasher? How often do… Continue reading Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport