Wholesome Goodness

I woke up this morning to a beautiful blue sky shining through my bedroom window – after all the rain we’ve been having it was a welcome sight. I didn’t get up right away, I needed to stare at it and take it in. Finally, though, I did get up and open the door for the cats and let my dog pee. A good strong and big cup of coffee and the smell of the fresh outdoors called me on my walk.

For most of my adult life I have taken a walk on Saturday morning. Living here it was only a short walk through town to a hiking trail with my little rat terrier, Duke. It was not too warm and the breeze was just right. It wakes up your appetite and makes water taste amazing.

On my walk I was figuring out what I was hungry for – I felt like something wholesome and a lot of it. Hot cereal…perfect. I made 7-grain cereal, Bob’s Red Mill. I love the stuff. You have to let it cook down quite a bit, but there is nothing more filling and hearty and wholesome after a long Saturday morning walk.
I have walked everywhere it seems. In the city. On the beach. In a small town. Hiking up a mountain. One of life’s most simple and wholesome gifts – is to be able to take a walk outside. When I took a trip to London with my Aunt Diana most of our time was spent walking here and walking there – I loved to see what people were wearing: street fashion, it was the best way to see that city, up close and personal.

A walk along the beach in the early  morning is one of my favorite things. The weather is just right and the air smells sweet. There is a kind of sweet innocence about the early morning when the world is waking up. It’s wholesome. 🙂 Now I will meander through the rest of my day.


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