One Bad Apple

Unknowingly, of course, I bought some lousy, mealy apples. I thought, What the hell am I going to do with these now?  They sat around on the counter for a few days, then last night I was making pound cake and decided to grated one and add it to the batter. Voila! No waste, the cake turned out really super moist and I didn’t feel guilty about the possibility of throwing them out.

Other ideas I had about using mushy, mealy apples:
Pancake batter
Cook them into applesauce
Add to ground turkey, with an egg and garlic, mustard and don’t forget the bitters – for turkey burgers
Grate and add to other fruit for a pie or crisp

Add cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar for your taste to enhance the apple flavor.

I have used apple juice concentrate for sweetener in pies and cobblers, try adding grated apple to berry cobblers or pies – even apple pie to give an added oomph!

One thought on “One Bad Apple

  1. Hello,again!All great ideas. My mother would also use the 'end of the season' apples or the mealy apples for Apple Butter. Mmmmm,still makes my mouth water! Warm pancakes heaped up with fresh apple butter……..


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