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Wholesome Rocks!

I am not going to do this half-assed.
There will be no premade or prepackaged food. No frozen meals to put in the microwave. No cake mixes or bottles of salad dressing. Nothing imitation. No energy bars. Real wholesome food cooked at home. Real food, not quick fixes.

Another thing I have been thinking about is snacks. If I am eliminating snack foods then I should eliminate snacks altogether, right? No, I don’t think so.

First of all, it is important to eat 3 meals a day – but absolutley not stuff yourself at a meal. I am not a big breakfast person when I go to work in the morning, but I have to have something. After a few hours of work I need something else: an apple or a banana. In the afternoon, I love tea and a lot of the time I have to have something to go with it – toast or a cookie or something. A snack to tide you over should not be 500 calories and full of fat. I just want to eat good wholesome food – and stay away from the single serving foods at the convenience store. I am trying –  The more I think about it and delve into this the more I enjoy and appreciate what I eat.
I also want to stay away from labels about eating well. This is not a diet; it’s not about religion; it’s not about exercise or being fit. It’s just about cooking at home and eating well and being inspired.


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