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Veggie Tostadas

I am going to soak some pinto beans overnight to make tostadas tomorrow. It is not really a big issue to think ahead – the day before you make something. Good food does not come from the age of instant gratification; it comes from planning ahead and cooking it with patience and time. After they soak just cook them with a few garlic cloves and an onion, salt when they are tender.

There are a lot of vegetarians in my family and when I eat with them I don’t miss the meat and really never think about it. I thoroughly enjoy whatever we are having. My youngest sister April make tostadas, it is a production – and definitely worth all the effort. There are the tortillas that are fried; beans, of course; cheese; lettuce; black olives; tomatoes; avocado; salsa and sour cream. Sooo delicious. This is what I will be putting together tomorrow night after my beans have cooked. My mouth is watering…..


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