I may be going out of my little box on this one but I am going blog about Simplicity.
It is very much in the line of thinking that goes with Cook. Eat. Inspire.
Simplicity does not mean stark and it does not mean empty. It certainly does not mean uneducated.
It means to not continually clutter your your life – with things and emotions and t.v., etc. To create a balance for oneself. To see things as they really are –  clearly. I know that there are times to be extravagant and go a bit overboard – but I am speaking here of life on a daily basis.
I could not talk about this if I had not learned about it the hard way; I have been the single mom with too much life on my plate; too much stuff – papers accumulating, the frig needs to be cleaned out, laundry’s way overdue – but then there’s that t.v. show on tonight that I don’t want to miss…and I have to get my son to school and get to work. Back on the wheel again. I consider myself a very tidy person, organized, well that all went to the wayside during my son’s elementary years from about age 6 to 11 or so, things just got left undone and got done when I damn well pleased. There was life to be lived.

To keep myself sane and make sure I feel like myself on a daily basis – I have to stick to these things:
1. Have a daily sense of accomplishment, through work and something that I do for myself.
2. A good walk. A little healthy dose of discipline.
3. Reading time. Leisurely entertainment.
4. Cooking and Eating Time. Some creative work for nourishing the body and the senses.

I do watch t.v. and I do nourish my soul by reading something spiritual. There are lots of various other things that give me a feeling of being renewed and refreshed depending on my interests.
I think the key to life is to do simple things well. It is really important to do things on a daily basis that make us feel alive; like the person we want to be.

Every generation says that theirs was a simpler time. The funny thing is, is that we are all striving for our version of that now. A sense of simple peace for ourselves and our families and the people we love.

What does simplicity mean to you? How do you go about accomplishing it?


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