quesadilla cornbread empty stomach

An Empty Stomach

It really is funny what hunger does to you…all the road rage in L.A could probably be stopped with good food. The majority of the time when I am easily bothered or annoyed it’s because I need to eat.
It was one of those days…I didn’t bring enough food with me to work and by the time I got home I could eat cardboard with ketchup and it wouldn’t have mattered. Potato salad, tomatoes…ate that. Wanted more, more, more! I then made 2 quesadillas with corn tortillas, oozing Muenster cheese and hot sauce. Ok, I can function again. Contented and smiling. Tostadas for later and I am at peace.

I think I need to make cornbread, that would be good tonight.

You know, it’s kind of good to be hungry – starving and ravenous once in a while, food tastes really good on an empty stomach. LOL 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Empty Stomach

  1. I get horrible headaches if I dont eat.The problem is,if I havnt eaten its because I am horribly busy and forgotten to eat,then I cant figure out why I have this pounding headache and am popping asprin all day.Then I finally sit down and eat and its like "oh,all I had to do was just eat something" SO,I try to not let myself get that far(plus I get really grouchy too;)

  2. Guess who finally bought Vanilla Ice Cream!! And is currently enjoying a coffee and vanilla ice cream. MMmmmmm,Sweet Bliss. Whoever said you cant buy happiness was just wrong……..


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