Fish Breeders of Idaho

Farm Tour, Part Three

Part Three: Fish Breeders of Idaho
There was one thing all three farm visits today had in common: the owners of the farms loved what they were doing. It is hard work, that was obvious, but there was a consistent desire to know the product, improve it and deliver it to consumers who appreciate it.

Our last visit on the tour was the Fish Breeders of Idaho in Hagerman. Farming trout, catfish, tilapia and sturgeon. Taking full advantage of the natural resources of the area by making use of the geothermal springs flowing throughout the area. Leo Ray gave us a tour of not one but three fish hatcheries; the first was a catfish farm; the second was to show us newly hatched and very tiny sturgeon; the third was quite a mixture – tilapia, tropical angel-fish and alligators.

Another important lesson today was the value of resourcefulness. Each farm made use of the natural resources in their area; the climate and the land. I might add that they were all proudly resourceful and willing to teach others. So close to their livelihood, simple and focused, I so enjoyed everything I was introduced to and learned on this tour. 🙂

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