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Homemade Messes

Will Rogers’ famous quote “I never met a man I didn’t like”, is one of my favorite quotes.

And, I never met a cook I couldn’t learn something from…
Cooking is one of those things that no matter who’s kitchen you go into you’re going to see something different. Either how it’s made or how it tastes or how it’s served. It’s never the same, I love to watch people cook – it’s always entertaining and no matter the dish, pretty much everyone has their own way of doing it. I always think other people are more messy than I am (I know conceited, huh), then I get home and cook and think, Shit, how did this happen? I did not foresee the mess from my eggplant parm – grease splattered everywhere, sauce drips and flour all over the stove. Ewww…but you know at the end of it all – I love my kitchen so cleaning it and seeing how it looks at the end of the night, ready for the next cooking adventure, gives me a contented feeling inside.

I always like to help clean up when I’m at somebody’s house. Partly because I’m nosey and like to see how other people keep their kitchens; how they organize their stuff; what kind of stuff they have; how they decorate.; how they eat..I am a kitchen hound and have been all my life, and proudly so. There is no room in a house that is more interesting. I love kitchens: I love the organized, functioning, working and meal producing, eating kinds of kitchens. Producing aromas and waking you up in the morning – overflowing with love.

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