Jars · plastic lids

A Jar Fetish

I’m into jars.
No, I have not gone and thrown all of my plastic containers and utensils away – I will keep them because I have them. I discovered several years ago that I love glass jars. In learning more about them and learning home canning, I discovered that there are plastic lids you can buy to fit both the regular and the wide mouth jars. This made me love them all the more for using jars as dry storage and for keeping homemade jams in the frig without getting that muck around the top of the jar.

They are very inexpensive, you can get them by the box or what I have just found is that thrift stores have them all the time and they are about .25 or .50 a piece. You still have to sterilize them – as always – and buy the seals if you’re going to use them for canning or use them for pantry storage and use the plastic lids. But what a bargain!! You can reuse them and they last forever!!

I found these great French jars at a thrift store. The lids have latches and a rubber gasket to tightly seal them.

Economical, reusable, efficient, they keep the bugs out – and they’re cool to look at. They’re glass – you can totally see what’s in them – which is gorgeous. I simply love my jars…Good stuff should not be too complicated. xo


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