Ballard cheese · burger · fried onions

Satisfied, Baby

I had to do it. I made myself a juicy burger with cheese and fried onions. The kind where the cheese melts down into the pan and gets crispy. Sprinkled pepper on the onions. Oh, yeah. A real homemade burger. Nope, not really the healthiest of meals but one of the most satisfying. I sliced up some cucumber but to tell you the truth that was not really happening; I just wanted the meat. And it’s hot out today…baby.

One thought on “Satisfied, Baby

  1. Mmmm,boy,do we love a good burger in our house. I make my own homemade hamburger buns(you can find the recipe on my blog if you are interested) and there is just nothing that says 'comfort food' more to me.


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