Spaghetti carbonara

Carbonara Cures A Hangover

I made Spaghetti ala Carbonara for breakfast today. I have to say that it is an instant cure all for a hangover. The perfect combination of greasy fat, protein and carbs, instantly I felt better…

I make mine with plain old “American” bacon.
Make the spaghetti, as usual. Chop the bacon and fry it in a small saute pan. Once its done, drain the grease, except for about a tablespoon and take the bacon out. Chop a garlic clove and saute that in the bacon grease. Beat an egg in a small bowl – have ready. Drain the spaghetti and keep about half a cup of the pasta water. Dump the whole thing in the saute pan with the garlic. Add egg mixture – at this point the heat should be off or on very low as to not scramble the eggs (but if this happens it’s not really a big deal). Stir in about a half cup of parmesan cheese and add the bacon. Sprinkle with pepper and you’ll feel much better, trust me on this one!


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