gorp trail mix


I am not a big snacker and the kind of eating habits I am putting into place here do not allow a fast fix. But I am a scheduled eater, if I don’t eat when I do get really hungry, I begin to get a little shaky.

On Sunday I went on a roadtrip for the day with a friend. It had not sunk in with her that I really do not eat out, and she did stop at Taco Bell for her son. Foreseeing this issue on the trip I had a good meal before I left and at a gas station I got a bag of plain salted peanuts. Which brought me to the topic of GORP – ‘good old  raisins and peanuts’ aka, trail mix.

I like mixed nuts (salted) or just peanuts, chocolate covered raisins – I love the chocolate with the salted nuts. A mixture of whatever you like; chopped dried fruits – I like chopped dried pineapple, dates or apricots – and any nuts, chocolate/carob chips or yogurt chips. Put it all into a big jar and shake it up to have ready for serious hunger pangs, road trips or long hikes. When I used to ice skate once in a while I would take a thermos of peppermint tea with honey and a bag of trail mix – the best.


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